What employers need to do

Secondary Pension rules

All employers must provide a suitable pension plan for their staff.

The mandatory start date will depend upon how many people you employ as of the 30th June 2024

When you need to be ready

July 202426+ Employees
October 202411-25 Employees
January 20256-10 Employees
July 20252-5 Employees
October 20251 Employee
Employer pension options

Start your workplace pension scheme early

Contact us and we can agree a date of when you want to start (any time from January 2024) and we can get it all arranged and you can relax and tell your staff.

Apply to join YIP

If you want to start on your mandatory date, no problem. You can let us know the start date and we can collect everything we need to onboard you and you can tell your staff it is all in hand. We will then contact you nearer the time and activate your plan.

You should allow 3 months from the date you initially contact us to the date you want to start. That’s to allow time to inform us, complete the relevant forms, collect and provide us with your company documentation and then relax.