Sean Gillease, MD, Sovereign Pension Services (CI) Ltd

Sean Gillease
MD, Sovereign Pension Services (CI) Ltd

“I’m hugely proud to have been part of something as significant as Your Island Pension. Secondary Pensions will be transformative for pension saving in Guernsey and being involved in such a major way has been exciting, and I believe YIP delivers on all of the key aspects it was hoped it would do – providing an accessible, affordable solution that will allow all businesses in Guernsey regardless of size and industry to meet their legal obligations under the new Secondary Pensions Regulations.”

Jo Smeed, Occupational Pension & Savings Executive

Jo Smeed
Occupational Pension & Savings Executive

"It’s an honour to deliver YIP to the Guernsey population as it will be hugely beneficial for islander’s futures."

Bethan Edwards
Senior Administrator, Onboarding Team

"I co-ordinate the YIP onboarding team, who help clients to start saving for their future.  We strive to provide a streamlined service to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible."

Morgan Savident, Trainee Administrator

Morgan Savident
Trainee Administrator

"As a member of the Onboarding team, my role consists of assisting employers understand the documentation they require to join YIP. I thoroughly enjoy speaking to people and guiding them through this exciting and beneficial process! I am really excited to talk to more people and assist them."