Returns Creator

Returns Creator & payroll software integration

To make life as easy as possible for employers, YIP has APIs for payroll software providers that allows their software to integrate with the YIP system and allows data to be submitted to YIP via payroll.

Returns Creator, which is a free, quick and easy tool provided by the States of Guernsey to allow employers to submit their social security and income tax returns, will be fully integrated with YIP.

The Guernsey Revenue Service has provided similar API specification to payroll software providers to allow all the required data for Secondary Pensions compliance purposes to be submitted via payroll.

For those payroll software providers who do integrate with the Guernsey Revenue Service and YIP, employers who join YIP will be able to fully manage their submissions via payroll without any need for duplication and completion of multiple spreadsheets or files. The information would be input via payroll and would automatically be sent to the Guernsey Revenue Service and YIP.

For more information on the YIP API requirements, please contact us -