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Pensions Explained

What is a pension?

A pension is a way of saving money for retirement. There are different types of pension, but often they will offer tax incentives to encourage people to save.

How do pensions work?

Contributions are typically paid into a pension by an individual, and in some cases by their employer too. The amount contributed into a pension will impact the overall value that someone has in their...

How much can I pay into my pension?

There is no real standard contribution level, however it is widely accepted that in order to save a meaningful amount contributions of 10% of an individual’s salary would be needed. Under the...

How much pension will I get?

The amount of pension you will receive depends on the type(s) of pension you have. If for example you have made full contributions via social security during your working life, you should be eligible...

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is important and you should give yourself plenty of time to plan for your retirement and try not to leave it to the last minute to start thinking about this.

What age are you eligible for a pension?

This depends on the type of pension. The States Pension is available when you reach the relevant State pension age, and this can vary depending on when you were born. For other types of pension i...

What happens to my pension when I die?

This may differ between different types of pension. Your Island Pension allows for the value of your pension pot to be paid as a lump sum to someone you nominate during your lifetime, in the event you di...

Secondary Pensions Fact Sheet

The States of Guernsey are introducing a mandatory employer-sponsored pension regime - equivalent to UK auto-enrolment. It is called Secondary Pensions.

Employer Guide To Secondary Pensions

With people living longer and with high numbers of people not currently saving for their retirement, the Secondary Pensions regulation has been introduced to help reduce pensioner poverty.  Find out more in this helpful guide.


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