Employee Help Centre

YIP Fact Sheet

Click the button below to download a fact sheet to find out more about Your Island Pension, including the objective, investment types, servicing, the Financial Wellness portal and more.

Employee Guide To YIP and Secondary Pensions

Find out why Secondary Pensions regulations have been introduced and how YIP can help you save for the future. 

New Joiner Checklist

Joining YIP?  Great!  Download the checklist to find out what you need to do.

When do I need to do something?

Check out when you need to interact with your pension.

How do I change my investments?

Download or view the instructions on how to change your investments.

How do I change my contribution amount?

Please complete this form if you wish to change your additional voluntary regular contribution amount and give it to your employer.

How do I access the Member Self Service Portal?

How to access the Member Self-service Portal Guide (MSS).

How do I export or print information on my pension?

This Service Guide will help you to export: A valuation by a specific date, Historic contribution Information, and Historic fund information.

My Future Life Strategy

The goal of the My Future Life Strategy is to assist scheme members who do not want to make their own investment decisions with building a personal pension pot to supplement their income in retirement.

Transfer-in Form

Please complete this form and upload into the Member Self-Service (MSS) portal via the Member Services > Contact Us page.

Transfer-out Form

Please note that Sovereign are only able to make a transfer to a comparable arrangement and where the trustee or administrator of the receiving scheme is willing and able to accept the transfer.

Self-Select Range

More information on the My Future Self-Select Investment Range.

How to add beneficiaries

It’s important to keep your beneficiary information up to date in case something bad happens.

International workers

Information for foreign nationals working in Guernsey.