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YIP Comparison

Document to be given to employees with the notice of immediate enrolment, deferred enrolment or automatic re-enrolment where employers are not offering YIP as their secondary pension scheme, to help them compare and decide which pension they would like to choose.

YIP Fact Sheet

Quick guide to Your Island Pension.

YIP Brochure

Download/view our brochure to find out more about Your Island Pension, including employer and employee servicing, engagement and our Financial Wellness portal.

Employer Application Form

Please complete this form to apply to join YIP. This form should be completed by an individual who has authority to act on behalf of the company, for example a Director.

YIP Upload Portal Guides

A series of guides on the YIP Upload Portal, which employers and payroll providers use to upload contributions and member data.

Employer Guide to Secondary Pensions

With people living longer and with high numbers of people not currently saving for their retirement, the Secondary Pensions regulation has been introduced to help reduce pensioner poverty.  Find out more in this helpful guide.

4 Easy steps to get onboard with YIP

Follow this steps to get onboard with YIP.

Employer Operational Guide

This is your handy guide to help you administer the pension plan effectively.

Employer Self-Service (ESS) Portal

The ESS is for viewing information or creating reports.


Click here to get servicing guides and information.

Notices & Templates

Click here to get templates such as the 'Notice of Immediate Enrolment'.