Investing in your pension

Pension Investments

Most people will not have any experience of investing and are unlikely to know very much about it. That’s why YIP provides the My Future Life Strategy as the standard investment option. If you haven’t made an active decision about which option to go into, then you will be invested into this strategy.

Pension investment funds & strategies

My Future Life Strategy

As the old adage goes, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. This strategy is made up of several funds from Ravenscroft's Guernsey fund Range. Also, within each of the funds, it spreads the risk, as they are invested in a range of companies, sectors and countries.

It’s called a ‘lifestyle strategy’ because it will automatically change the risk profile as you get closer to retirement age.

In the early years of saving for a pension, you need to be invested in higher-return funds to maximise your returns. These funds are typically also higher risk. This period is really the engine room for growth and as you have plenty of time before you can access the money, you can afford to take a greater amount of risk. The value will go up and down, but you won’t “realise” any losses or gains until you actually take the money out.

As you get closer to retirement, the strategy automatically reduces the risk of the investments because you have less time to make up any losses, and the priority is capital preservation.

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My Future Self-Select

For those who would like to make their own investment choice, we also provide access to Ravenscroft's Guernsey fund Range which includes:

The fund range has been designed to cater for a broad spectrum of investment requirements.

You can read more about these funds within the Self-Select page of the Knowledge Hub.

Income Fund

The Income Fund's objective is to deliver capital appreciation through regular interest-bearing bonds and equity dividends. The income generated is paid out quarterly or rolled up, depending on...

Balanced Fund

The objective of the Fund is to generate capital growth over the medium to long term (3+ years). The fund is a balanced investment solution seeking exposure to our global themes through equity and...

Global Growth Fund

The Growth Fund's objective is to deliver long-term capital growth through investments in an actively managed, diversified range of equities and bonds.

Blue Chip Fund

The Global Blue Chip Fund is a direct equity fund that will invest into approximately 25 multinational businesses; each of which is aligned with one or more of our investment themes.

Global Solutions Fund

A focused portfolio investing in equity funds, the Global Solutions Fund invests in companies providing goods and services dedicated to tackling the challenges the world faces today.


It is also possible to have different investment selections within YIP, based on the contribution type.

Contribution type refers to the source of the monies being paid in. The different contribution types are: Employer Contributions, Employee Mandatory Contributions, Employee Additional Voluntary Contributions and Transfers-in.

If you wanted to have a combination of investment options based on contribution type, you could choose to do so. An example of how this could work is:

  • Employer Contribution account – 100% My Future Life Strategy
  • Employee Mandatory Contribution account – 50% Blue Chip and 50% Growth

The fund allocation must add up to 100% for each contribution type.

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